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Robbie Shackelford is among the best painters in the tuscan region (I might be biased. I am his nephew). The passion and energy he pours into his work is not unique to just his paintings. As the Director of Harding University in Florence, he directs that same passion and energy into the lives of the students that study abroad every semester. 





The main feature of this site was adding Squarespace’s built in e-commerce functionality, with a goal of making buying Robbie’s prints online as easy as possible. 


Another goal was to make the site responsive, so that no matter what size screen it is viewed on, you get a layout that's customized for the display. 

I used Typekit to serve up two fantastic fonts, Proxima Nova Extra Condensed and Le Monde Courrier STD.

Robbie's site is hosted and powered by Squarespace. It's an incredible service that I try to use on every project.

Stripe, integrated beautifully with Squarespace, makes it super easy to accept credit card payements on the web.